Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Does the stress causes increase in relationship problems, anxiety, depression, migraine, IBS, or other physical symptoms? 

Are you being told that all you have to do is to chill out, relax, stop over-thinking and avoid stress, and your symptoms will subside? 

Well, no amount of lavender, hot bath, relaxation or visualizing walk in the forest will help you reduce neither stress nor the other symptoms, unless you access the reason of why you feel so stressed and overwhelmed. 

The root cause of stress is in your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that are deeply intertwined with everything you experience in life. When you know why something triggers you, then you can deal with those feelings and let them go. Sometimes, those reasons are obvious and easy to find. But more often than not, they are subconscious and thus not so “reasonable”. However, you can’t heal what you don’t understand. Accessing subconscious feelings and beliefs, interrupting them and reframing them is the key to a peaceful mind and healthy body.