It’s almost here, the end of 2020, one of the weirder years I have experienced (but not the weirdest, by all means)

End of the year (and decade) is the time when we are usually finishing up cleaning leftover work, paying bills, not to bring any of it into a new year. We are letting go of the old year, making space for new things to come. In my therapy practice, this is also a very busy season of letting go of old “baggage”, emotional hurts, bad relationships, broken friendships, bad habits, and making space and a new mindset for a fresh start.

In 2020, I was privileged to hold space and help my clients to let go of crippling health anxiety, life-long migraine, excess weight, childhood trauma, resentment toward abusive parents, unreturned love, depression and suicidal thoughts, fear of death, fear of spiders and cockroaches, marital problems, freezing fear of judgment, just to name a few.

Letting go of old stuff is not at all easy. On the contrary, it requires a tremendous courage and unshakable determination. However, there is an unbelievable freedom and a spectacular relief in letting go. After we decide to finally let go of things that we were desperately holding onto for years, then the real healing and prosperity begin.

There is a saying: “Holding on is believing that there is only a past. Letting go is knowing that there is a future.“

What are you letting go of with 2020? What do you wish to let go of in 2021?