Many of my clients, who reach out to me seeking a relief from their migraine, have experienced some kind of abuse in their childhood. In my practice, I commonly see past emotional abuse, such as severe shaming, neglect or threatening, but the sexual and physical abuse are coming up fairly frequently too. In many cases abusers are parents, but also teachers, peers or other family members. It’s not uncommon that they are in abusive relationships in their adulthood as well.

When my clients heal their childhood trauma, migraine and other co-morbid symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, start to dissipate, and they gain their wellness and migraine-free identity back. It may sound controversial, because migraine is classified as a neurological and genetic disease, that “shouldn’t” have much to do with the psyche. However, more and more evidence is coming out, proving that early childhood traumatic experiences change how the brain responds to stress, and this over-sensitivity to stress is what is in the core of migraine. Thanks to the brain plasticity, this can be reversed in a therapy process, and my happy clients are proof of that. 

If you suspect that your childhood experiences are responsible for your migraines, chronic headaches, or any other chronic or autoimmune disease you might be struggling with, you are probably suspecting well. If you are ready to clean up your past issues and claim your pain-free future, send me a message and book a call with me, I can help you.