Regards from my future self!

Today, in Japan is celebrated “Keiro no hi”, or “Respect for the Aged Day.” As the name implies, this is a holiday of paying respect to the elderly in our lives and community, and being grateful for the wisdom and experience they have given us. It is a day to connect with elderly grandparents, show them appreciation, love and compassion. This is also a day to take care of oneself, to reflect on our own past, present, and envisioned future, and see how the lessons of those who came before us can help us live better, more fulfilled lives. While visiting my husband’s grandmother today, who is in her age of 88 still the center of the family, I also took time to think and talk about my grandparents and grandparent-figures who shaped me. I was blessed with unconditional love, kindness and generosity. I was also thinking about what I will be able to leave to my future grandchildren, and how I want them to remember me.

This picture (made in FaceApp) allowed me to transport twenty or so years from now and look into the face of my future self. What will matter to me then?

How do you think about aging? How do you imagine your future self, few decades from now?