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Invitation to all the mothers and mother figures out there!
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, with a special focus on maternal mental health.
In that spirit, I’m thrilled to invite you to my annual online workshop dedicated to all mothers. Last year, many moms found it to be a transformative and healing experience, and I hope you can join this year too.
There is a saying “A good mother is a mother who feels good.” So, how are you feeling? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, irritable, or like you’ve lost touch with yourself, this workshop is for you. You deserve time to replenish your energy, nurture yourself, and remind yourself that you are a good enough mom. You are the pillar of your family, and you deserve support that empowers you.
This FREE therapy workshop is designed exclusively for mothers seeking empowerment, new skills, and much-needed self-care. In this workshop, you will:
– Learn valuable self-care tips and tools to manage overwhelm, prevent burnout, and maintain your well-being.
– Discover how to harness your inner resources and boost your emotional resilience.
– Experience an empowering hypnotherapy session designed to facilitate inner healing and guide you toward calm, confidence, and resilience.
I look forward to seeing you there!

*If you cannot attend the live workshop, a recording will be sent to you afterward. Please, note that the hypnotherapy session will only be available to those who participate in the live event.

About the Presenter

About the presenter: Dr. Mira Simic-Yamashita is a psychologist and a therapist living in Kobe (Kansai, Japan), helping people in Japan and worldwide overcome emotional, mental health, and stress-related physical issues, without years of therapy.